Tuesday, October 28, 2008

aku kata BILANG!

HUHHHHHH!!!!( tarik nafas dalam2 smbil hembus dgn kuat)

i want to say dat dis lyfe is not being fair to me,
but then,
people will scold me 4 dat..

but now!!
im really fu**in angry wif my lyfe!!
hate it really much!!

ever wonder when lyfe gets fu**** hard in a day?
dat will be mine 4 2moro..

---class from 9 to 12..
---graduation day at 1.15 until-wat-the-hell-i-care!!
---ED class from 5 to 7(lucky im done wif presentation)
---statics test from 8 to 10..
---drama presentation right at 10(suppose to be at 8)

i really hope someone will come to me,
to stop the time,
n bring me to somewhere there is no such craps..

i juz hate my lyfe 4 2moro!!

sory guys( ella, sarah, jufri, mici, aza, ain, vusi) for not practising gud enuf juz now..
seems lyke life is too damn hard 4 me rite now.
so sorry..

p/s: i dunno hell wat im reading rite now..
statics is hard,
it gets even harder when u noe nothing!!

once again u hav it~

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