Tuesday, October 21, 2008

a story of a brave girl..

nothing much to say..
i was having ISLAMIC STUDIE's class juz now..
guess wat?
da class is at 9 n i came at 9.20..
freakin late!
but there's some people who were even later..

during da class,
presentations were held on,
n i lyke da topics presented..

  1. hedonism
  2. violence towards women
  3. islamic pre-education..

but wat catched my attention was,
during the Q n A session..
there was one foreigners who asked question to da 2nd grup presented..
the question was somethng lyke dis..

" u were talking about proper dress code, but why u r not wearing a proper dress?"

seriously da question was "makan dalam"
dat gurl is free hair..
but she wears tudung while in IS class..
plus with trouser n lady's blouse..
which may not be decent enuf 4 dat guy..
(obviously dat blouse is kinda tight)

n then da gurl reply,(it was kinda lyke dis)

"im a malaysian, n dis is how my proper dress code is.."

dat guy didnt satisfy with such answer,
n he asked da same question again,
plus.. "u were not answering my question" in the front..

da gurl pissed off(maybe) , n she replied(somethng lyke dis),

"if u have something to tell me, lets make it personal.." ( with damn angry mood)

but then,
b4 da argument begin to become a bit more complicated,
ustaz snatched da mic n gave his word of wisdom~

moral of the story here is,
we shudnt judge a book by its cover, those who aren't wearing tudung doesnt mean dat they're not good, n not muslim.. wearing tudung is somethng u do with niat.. it depends on ur intention.. if u wear it juz 4 da sake of being fancy or watsoever, it really doesnt mean anythng.. people have their own perspective of lyfe.. so, it depends to them on how they want to decorate it.. when people r not being the norm, it doesnt mean dat they're not normal.. the main point here is, evrythng must come from our heart.. EVERYTHING must come from within! do wat u think good 4 u.. n express urself!

( a word of wisdom presented by fatul akrul ramli)

5 komen busuk:

aBiR aBhAr said...

fak gile..
takziah kpd yang terlibat

Fatul Akrul Ramli said...

ksian die~

xylene said...

i like dis topic..
n i totally agree wit u.
it's gud 4 us 2 do wat we wana do..

-The Author- said...

pakai tudung tu wajib~

Anonymous said...

"we shudnt judge a book by its cover"(i agree)
"those who aren't wearing tudung doesnt mean dat they're not good, n not muslim"(nope,im not agree)..
dear..if this is how u think about wearing tudong,how u would became the leader of ur family?
tudong wajib di pakai laaaa...
ade erti ke kte nk ngaku kte nie islam klu kte xbt benda wajib...pk elok2...mmg x smua owg yg x pkai tudong tu jht n x smua owg yg pkai tudong tu baek tp kebaikan yg di bt oleh owg yg x pkai tudong tu mcm xde erti pon...oke,kte tgk situasi nie..abu ade nset yg mahal and byk sgt function bley gne ngan nset nie...ade tenet,ley snap gamba 8mpixel, ley tgk tv..ley wt mcm2 laaa...
tp ble nset tu rosak yg basic ja mcm rosak mic ke,keypad xbefungsi ke,nset tu dda mcm xde mkne da...padahal rosak yg basic ja pon..sama gak dlm hal b'tudong nie...nk komen bab agama pk dlm2 dlu ekk...nt klu tesilap naye dok tggong dosa..
nt rmai plak yg sesat...huhuhu
maaf ye tegor nie...k salam..

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