Monday, November 24, 2008


i got an email..


Dearest one,

Actually I did not want to discuss this matter with you before but after
fasting and prayer I just decided to contact you for your help, please I
really need your help. I am 20 years old Girl. I leave with my younger
brother and we leave alone because we dont want the people who killed my
late Father, to kill us too. I will be very happy if you promised me that
you will keep this secret until this money arrive to your care in your

My late Father deposited one trunk of box with a security company here
before he died and because of situation of political crisis here that led
to war going on here in my country, we need some body that I will trust to
come in and help me and my brother claim this consignment out from the
company for the safety of my property that was deposited under there
custody. Please I am contacting you for your assistance, to help me and my
brother because we don't have anyone in here to help us and I don't have
money to travel from here to any country please I need your assistance to
stand by me and my brother and help us to transfer the box to you for
future investment.

You will contact the security company as Miss Sarah mohammed's foreign
partner who want to help me and claim the box that was deposited by my late
Father Alhaji Alhasan Mohammed from Republic of Code D' Ivoire. My late
Father did not declared the real content of the box to the security company
officials. He only told them that the box is containing family valuables.
You are the only person I have sent this message across to. I will like you
to keep the secret until this box arrive your country. You have to promise
me that you will not betray me and my brother when this box is under your
care.I will send the documents and the security company contact to you once
you accept to help me and my brother.

You have to give me your private phone and fax number to enable me to send
the documents to you. The money inside the trunk box is Nine Millions Five
Hundred Thousand Dollars ($9.5 Millions Dollars).
I will offer you 10% for the total sum of amount, if you help me and claim
this box from the security company. You will also provide investment
programme where the money will be invested properly when it arrival your
hand safely.
I wait to hear from you.

May God bless you.
Yours sincerely,
Miss Sarah & Sadiq Mohammed.


crap rite??

8 komen busuk:

abib.yg.hairan said...

hahahah..kaye beb $950k times 3.2 = RM3,040,000 ... pehh kaye beb..bleh masuk minang mira esok..

Fatul Akrul Ramli said...

ko mnyamar la jdik aku..
leh minang sape2 ko nak~

aBiR aBhAr said...

aku da penah dpt byk kali la..
aku dioffer lg byk la.. haha

Fatul Akrul Ramli said...

poyo lak die..
stkt offer je bek xyah..

CUteY^ANgEL said...

scam.. spam.. fraud..

Fatul Akrul Ramli said...

tau dah..
:) said...

nk baca pn mls klu email2 cmni..

Fatul Akrul Ramli said...

tp cmbest je cter die`

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