Wednesday, November 5, 2008

study weak~

to-do-list during study week... :D

  1. study, perhaps.. :P
  2. go out for an outing as long as u want.. coz u will not be seeing ur frens for a long time during the holiday..
  3. for those who don't hav an internet connection in your house, its the perfect time to on9 as long as u cud.. reply all those comments in frenster, myspes, facebook, tagged, hi5.. wat else?
  4. same case as above, its time to download evrythng.. i mean EVERYTHING!! movies, dramas, songs, videos, pictures, anime..
  5. its time to wake up early.. damn!! :P .. those who LOVEEEEE to wake up after lunch time, its time to change da attitude.. BAD!! BAD!!
  6. its time to call ur parents.. :D .. im serious here!! IT'S TIME!!
  7. prepare ur mental perfectly.. coz u'll be psychoED by ur frens.. seriously! :P (is there such thng as psycho? )

so, how far hav u ready to face this study week?

2 komen busuk:

CUteY^ANgEL said...

i guess u gonna follow all ur rules there.. :P

btw.. best of luck for the final...

Fatul Akrul Ramli said...

of coz laa~
dats da reason i wrote it~

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