Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Golden Triangle

dat's a map of the golden traingle.. for those of u who dont hav any idea about the golden triangle, juz google it up.. too lazy to describe owh.. :P

so, wat about da map? yeah! im a foreigner in my own city.. i had to print da map yesterday coz 2day i went to pavilion.. for da 2nd time.. i went with a cab b4, so i dun hav a single idea on how to go there from Jalan Imbi.

While driving, i took out the map, and follow the map exactly! ok, might look silly, but who cares! haha.. there was a single feeling dat i felt when doing dat.. n dat is.. COOL!! hihi.. wif other drivers looking at me.. i felt like a superstar!!

but then, i was lost.. i took a wrong juction n i turn up to be turn turtle.. then, i park my car somewhere n i walk.. yeah!! walk! but i didnt bring my map along la! gile ape? better tnye org.. at first i want to ' cover malu' sket, despite asking how to go to pavilion, i asked how to go to J.W Marriot Hotel.. coz i noe, da hotel is juz nearby pavi.. n there is one guy who answered, awak pegi straight, smpai kat traffic light, masuk kiri, then jalan trus jmpe la.. i followed dumbly.. tbe2,

"eh, ni macam jalan nak ke times square"

which is da route i took to go where i parked my car.. sah2 kene tipu dgn pakcik td tu.. cehh!! then, suddenly, i got hidayah maybe n i saw MARRIOT's sign.. n pufff!! staright away heading to it n yeay!!


there's nothing much i can say bout this mall.. but there's one word dat i kept saying when entering each boutique.. n dat is.. BAPAK! this is the example.. :P

  1. bapak cantik baju ni.. x20+
  2. bapak wangi toilet ni.. x4
  3. bapak mahal bnde ni.. x100++
  4. bapak mahal parking.. x1
  5. bapak x bestnye cter ni.. x1

haha, da goods r damn cool! superb! amazing! fantastic, faboulous,
n da price as well!
there's nothing much i can do there, not even buy.. but i did catch a movie.. n dat is cicakman.. out of 10, i give it 4 stars.. dun want to elaborate more on that.. :P

then, we went to the toilet 3 times.. :D

after a while, i saw something dat 4 sure i can buy.. haha.. here it is..

one bread is rm3.. i bought 3.. n dat is rm9.. it's damn tasty! u shud try.. owh, i bought it at lavender..

want to know wat was da most expensive thing i paid there? here..

yeah! parking tcket.. i park for almost 5 hour n i was charged rm11.. ok, cheap 4 u but not 4 me.. the usual mall dat i went is juz around rm10 maximum.. so, u can judge it aite..

after being a ' big spender' n tired enuf to see those bling2 there, i went back home.. n it was freaking jammed!! i cudnt change to my 3rd gear for over half an hour.. durhhh.. my mistake to go back early.. :(

the first 5 minutes

20th minutes.. felt lyke crying .. :(

so, dis is my total spending..

movie ---- rm9
drinks ----- rm5
bread ----- rm9
parking ---- rm11
total = rm34...

waaaa, abis duet aku.. smlm da spend rm38.. :(

so, kesimpulannye...

  1. jgn pegi pavi lagi
  2. kalo pegi jugak, parking kat tempat lain
  3. tumpang org lain pn ok jugak..
  4. dok je umah diam2!! abis cter! :P

8 komen busuk:

falyn89 said...

encik fatul..
nak email blog kamu.
ngee~ ;p

Fatul Akrul Ramli said...

nak wat pe la die ni..

~enon89~ said...


Fatul Akrul Ramli said...

btol tu..

Rhazes said...

ko ni
buat malu aku la sbg org kl

Monkey D Luffy said...

area yg kecik tu boleh salah jalan jugak... adoi

Fatul Akrul Ramli said...


bkn dow,
ak nk pusing2 pn ssh,
kete byk..

Fatul Akrul Ramli said...


mmg r kcik,
tp bg "org baru",
area tu sumpah besar gile!

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